Our Team.

Welcome to Alpha & Omega Healing Massage Therapy Clinic! 

We would like to introduce our team members.

Felicia is our Registered Massage Therapist at Alpha & Omega and a graduate from Sutherland-Chan College of Massage Therapy and a member of the C.M.T.O and has been practicing massage therapy since 2008 and specializes in therapeutic massage, deep tissue, shockwave, cupping and many other services. Felicia is very passionate about massage and believes it is important to educate clients on proper posture and stretching to improve clients overall well being.

Layla is a student at Humber College who is an aspiring massage therapist working on getting registered as an RMT, who will be overlooking any clerical duties and getting to know clients personally to build relationships and personal preferences from clients. Mainly focusing on spa/ relaxation massages.

Available from Saturday-Monday & occasional Friday