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Alpha & Omega Healing Massage Clinic.

Everyone deserves a therapeutic touch!

Here at Alpha & Omega Healing Massage Therapy Clinic we want everyone to feel their best. We believe massage therapy plays a vital role in feeling good and achieving a deeper level of relaxation.

The purpose of massage is to prevent muscle and joint pain, rehabilitate injuries, maintain good function throughout your body, relieve stress and muscular tension.

There are registered massage therapists onsite ready to listen to your concerns and treat each patient accordingly. We take the time to educate our clients on proper posture, ergonomic habits, and we can recommend stretches which will help with your treatment and relieve pain. Our mission is to help our clients reach their health goals, whether it's recovering from injury or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our Services

  • Hot Stone

  • Thai Massage

  • Chair Massage

  • Children Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Lymphatic Massage

  • Deep Tissue Treatment

  • Sports Therapy Treatment 

  • Moto Vehicle Accident Treatment

  • Therapeutic Ultra-Sound & More

We also refer you to onsite: Chiropractic treatments, Health Fitness assessments & training with Personal Trainer,& indoor golf with Peak Performance Golf.



Felicia Bromfield

Felicia is our Registered Massage Therapist at Alpha & Omega and a graduate from Sutherland-Chan College of Massage Therapy and a member of the C.M.T.O and has been practicing massage therapy since 2008 and specializes in therapeutic massage, deep tissue, shockwave, cupping and many other services. Felicia is very passionate about massage and believes it is important to educate clients on proper posture and stretching to improve clients overall well being.




Having trained and worked as a Masseuse back home, Ijeoma is an aspiring student currently advancing in skills to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist at Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy but currently, she specializes in Relaxation massage with guided stretches and an office receptionist at Alpha and Omega Healing Massage Clinic as she patiently works hard to acquiring her license towards the completion of her studies by 2025.

With much dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she found her passion for wellness as she makes body fitness and yoga a hobby. She have come to appreciate a healing relaxation massage and it also feels great to have her clients feel same way or even better.

Being a fitness enthusiast, Ijeoma’s journey into the world of therapeutic practices began after sustaining severe injury that brought about her fascination for yoga, which gave her an insight on the body mechanism. Her practice in yoga not only enhances her understanding of the human body but also infuses her massage and stretching techniques with a unique depth and effectiveness. 

Her approach is not just about alleviating physical tension(stress) but also promoting mental and emotional well-being. She focuses on helping her clients discover their individual body potentials through personalized techniques and guidance to achieve a state of minimal stress, prevent discomfort and enhance optimal body function. Her inspiration comes from the positive impact, the physical improvement her work has on her clients and their willingness to harness this potential by themselves to be in harmony with their body, soul and spirit.

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